Turkish coffee fortune telling

by Nuri Yaylali

In the words of a poet;

"Not the coffee, nor the coffeehouse is the longing of the soul a friend is what the soul longs for, coffee is just the excuse."

Do you believe in fortune telling? The Turkish coffee has a long history which not only tells of its unique tastes and high quality as a coffee blend but the methods of telling the fortune of the person who drank the coffee in the cup. It is an old custom that has ‘mystified’ the Turkish coffee over the years making it one of the most sought-after global coffee brands.

Who can tell your future?

Anyone can tell fortune from the coffee cup, but it must be someone who did not drink from the cup. The tradition has been passed down over the years, and many Turkish people know how the process. You can also have your fortune told from a cup of Turkish coffee by a professional.

How’s it done?

It is quite an intriguing process. You will need to enjoy your cup of Turkish coffee drinking from one side of the cup till it is finished. Place a saucer on the finished coffee cup and make a wish. The cup will then be raised to the chest level and turned anti-clockwise a few times. Turn the cup upside down on the saucer and leave it to cool. It is believed that placing a coin on the coffee cup turned upside down will remove any bad signs that maybe be foretold. When the cup has cooled down, the reader lifts the cup and starts telling the future of the person who drank the coffee from the patterns formed in the coffee cup and on the saucer.

Telling fortune from coffee cups has become very popular. It is said that both the past and future can be told from reading a coffee cup. The process of divination involves regarding the coffee as to horizontal halves. The shapes formed in the lower half are regarded as the past, and the shapes formed in the upper half represent the future. On the right side, positive readings are done while the patterns on the left side of the cup are regarded as negative which could be indications of attacks, health issues, financial problems, etc. it is also known that the fortune teller can only see forty days into the future while reading a cup of coffee. There is also the issue of a “prophet’s fortune telling” where the reader finds it difficult to separate the coffee cup from the saucer. If this happens, it is said that the person who drank from the coffee cup has a bright future hence there is no need to tell their future. In another situation, while lifting the coffee cup off the saucer, if large pieces of ground coffee beans fall off the cup onto the saucer, it is said that the person who drank from the cup will soon get relief from their problems. However, if coffee is noticed to be dripping onto the saucer as it is being lifted, the person who drank from the cup is told that they may soon undergo experiences that will make them shed tears.

The shapes formed on the saucer while the coffee cup was upturned are also interpreted. These shapes are regarded as a representation of the situation in the person’s home. If the coffee residue hasn’t touched major parts of the saucer, it is said that there will be relief in the person’s home. However, signs of an irregular confused pattern is usually interpreted as the tendency that there will be a funeral or illness related issues in their home. The coffee reading session is ended by flipping the saucer once, and if a drop of coffee rolls beyond the radius of the saucer, it is interpreted as the persons wish will come true. In addition, during fortune telling by reading coffee cups, the reader should not reveal information that will give the person unrealistic hopes or bad news that can cause sadness.

Coffee cup reading adds an extra excitement while you enjoy your favorite cup of Turkish coffee. You can find coffee cup readers in many Turkish coffee houses today. It is a tradition that has spread beyond Turkey to other parts of the world where Turkish coffee houses have been established. So if you find a pleasant Turkish coffee house nearby, step in to enjoy an amazing cup of Turkish coffee and have the rare opportunity to peep into your future.