One sip Turkish coffee and I love it forever

by Nuri Yaylali

I think my grinder acting up was the best thing that ever happened to me. I drink coffee many times a day starting from early in the morning. So with a spoilt grinder, I had to choose an already blended coffee brand, I chose this Turkish coffee because I wanted to try something different. But with one sip, I am already a big fan.

I particularly like the strong aroma which fills up my home while brewing this Turkish coffee. It has been freshly ground, so I do not have to worry about grinding. All I do is let it sit and soak up the amazing goodness before serving. I also noticed that the best result after brewing is attained when I use very clean and fresh water. So I always try to keep a fresh bottle of water I recently purchased ready for my brew.

I am happy some people thought it was worth it to set up a manufacturing setting to produce this Turkish coffee in the USA. This means I do not have to wait months for my Turkish coffee while it is manufactured and shipped all the way from turkey. I spoke with the customer care representatives and confirmed that the coffee is shipped out immediately after processing and grinding to ensure that the consumers get it fresh and ready to be enjoyed, this is so thoughtful. I have written some much, try this Turkish coffee and thank me later.