I recommended to a friend now the whole crew loves it!

by Nuri Yaylali

When I tried this coffee for the first time, I couldn’t believe its amazing taste; it had the true characteristic Turkish fresh roasted coffee flavor. I usually stick to local coffee blends for the obvious reasons, and this brand has exceeded my expectations.

I love the way the aroma fills the entire room while brewing. It is so easy to prepare; I couldn’t find sediments or grit beneath the cup. I also like to add some sugar to enjoy my coffee.

I tried the old method of brewing coffee, and it worked, the result was fantastic. It is really easy; all you need is clean water which can be bottled water or filtered water. Then I ensure that the coffee maker is filled to half its volume, this has always worked for me so you can try it too. Bring the content to boil and remove from heat. Leave for a few minutes to sit, I usually boil again for a stronger flavor, but this is a personal choice, you can try it and decide if it is okay for you. This is my secret brewing recipe, and with this fresh roasted Turkish coffee blend, it has been amazing.