Espresso with Turkish Coffee

by Nuri Yaylali

It is the best coffee I have tasted

Two things I look for in coffee, the aroma and the smoothness of the brew. I am impressed with this Turkish coffee brand because it provided this experience easily. I waste no time in using my espresso machine, and the result is awesome. When using the espresso, you need to avoid packing in the finely blended beans because it tends to clog the espresso or you can order drip grind from this website and use just like other coffees.

This is what I do.

First I put the coffee in the puck, and then I proceed to use the espresso, it is much slower, but I get the results I need. Fortunately, I always need another cup of this wonderful coffee because I love the flavor. So I rinse the puck with cold water before repeating the process. Because of the heat, I use cold water to rinse the puck which returns it to normal state and ready to be used again.

If you are using the French press, I know a way to get the best coffee out in a few minutes. First, you put in the fresh roasted Turkish coffee into the French press, add some hot water and stir. I usually let it sit for about 5 minutes to enhance the brew (many coffee lovers can relate). After a while, press and pour the mixture, it is important to avoid stirring when I tried it the screen got clogged, and it was impossible to press. This is because with the Turkish coffee the grounds are collected at the bottom of the press. This is where it soaks up to give your coffee a rich and strong taste. You may also want to leave the French press open while the coffee powder soaks, for a stronger brew, I recommend that you remove the top of the French press while the coffee powder soaks.

I used to grind my coffee beans because I wanted only the best and I needed it fresh, but with this Turkish coffee, I found out it is shipped out immediately after roasting and ground which makes it perfect and fresh by the time I purchase it from the shop. Fortunately, this Turkish roasted coffee is sold nearby; I hope it never runs out of stock because I am ready to take a long drive to find it elsewhere.